Kitesurf school

Kitesurfing at Abo Aid Surf Camp


Kitesurfing, also called Kiteboarding is an amazing sport. There is no specifi weight limit, but you must be at least 14 years old. You have to take a beginner course with an instructor because it's really important that you know how to control the kite. We offer beginner courses, intermediate and advanced kitesurf courses. Our instructors will choose equipment for you according to your size and the strength of the wind. We have kites in different sizes and also the harness and the size of the boards are available in different shapes and sizes.

During the Beginner course you will learn everything about the kitesurf equipment (we're using cabrinha and north), how to set up the kite, main terminology, how to launch the kite, about the wind, basic safety and self-rescue. After that you will learn how to control the kite, how to play with the bar and to create a feeling for it. You will learn how to do body dragging (in case you lose the board) and swim with the kite. Your instructor will be with you in the water the whole time. The last step is the board. You will learn how to control the kite and the board to the same time and how to stand up on the board. Being on the board is about balance and technique which you will also learn about.


Intermediate level courses are for kiters who already did the 3 days course and who want to continue and learn how to go upwind, make transitions, small jumps and a back roll.


Advanced level courses are for non-beginners who would like to learn new skills and new tricks, like Kite loop, front roll transition, dark slide and handle pass.


Intro course (2 hours with instructor incl. equipment)


Beginner course (6 hours with instructor incl. equipment)


Beginner + course (9 hours with instructor incl. equipment)


Refresher course (1 hour with instructor incl. equipment)


Refresher course (2 hours with instructor incl. equipment)


Intermediate level course (3 hours with instructor incl. equipment)


Advanced level (by hours-you can take a lesson with an instructor of minimum 1 hour)


All the courses can be taught individually or maximum 2 students. 

Surf station

Borrow Kite- and Windsurf equipment, wet suits, shoes or snorkel equipment in our surf station!