Abo Aid Kite Camp

Learn how to kitesurf and meet other likeminded people in a breathtaking place surrounded by the mountains and the sea

This camp is for everybody- beginner, intermediate or advanced!

Together we can create memories, progress and a lot of fun

So join our Camp and be part of something beautiful

Photo credit: Ronny Barthel - www.fotograf-zur-hochzeit.ch

Photo credit: Ronny Barthel - www.fotograf-zur-hochzeit.ch

Our Idea

Our idea is to connect people from all over the world and have an awesome time together in the Blue Lagoon, Egypt (Sinai). It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced- our camp is for every level. We're looking forward to spend 8 amazing days together, to learn from each other and to start new friendships. A lot of different people coming to our camp so we want to use this chance and compare the passion for kitesurfing with the most incredible people. So if you want to learn kitesurfing or if you want to expand your skills, make new friends and collect more experience you should not miss this chance!!!

What's included?

  • The Transfer from SSH (Sharm el Sheikh) Airport to Dahab and back
  • The Transfer From Dahab to the Blue Lagoon
  • 3 nights including Breakfast and Dinner in the Blue Lagoon
  • 4 nights in the El Salam Hotel in Dahab
  • Snorkel trip to the Blue Hole
  • 1 Wadi Party (dinner in the mountains)
  • 1 Day trip to the white and coloured Canyon
  • 2 Dinners in restaurants in Dahab

       And either: 

  1. The 3 days beginner course plus 3 days rental equipment or the
  2. Refresher course plus 3 days rental equipment or
  3. You bring your own equipment and we assist you in learning new tricks

Flight tickets are not included!!!

But of course you can contact us and we will help you to find a cheap flight.

The camp

The hotel

Our Kiteschool

Our Kiteschool Abo Aid is located in the Blue Lagoon. We have several instructors and all of our equipment here but we also have the chance to take the equipment with us to Dahab to kite there. We're using north rebel and cabrinha 2018 for teaching and also for renting. 

We're offering lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. You can choose between the 3 days beginner course, refresher courses or advanced lessons. If you are a advanced rider we'll teach you some new tricks and assist you to expand your skills. Our instructors are all speaking perfect english and arabic.

The center is combinded with our camp so we have many chill out areas, a restaurant, showers, a storage space, the rooms you're staying in and the most beautiful view of the sea and the mountains you can imagine.

Our Blue Lagoon is offering the best conditions for kitesurfing, as it's a lovely lagoon with constant wind from around 20 up to almost 40 knots. The Lagoon has shallow water at the shore but also goes deeper in the middle which makes it perfect to practice new tricks. We also have a rescue boat and you instructor will take care of you all the time. Safety always goes first for us!!!

About us

We are four brothers: Hmeed, Mohammed, Jemal and Abdu Abo Aid and together we run our Abo Aid Surf Camp in the Blue Lagoon. We've created this place seven years ago and since then we are living here.

For us, the Blue Lagoon is our personal paradise. It is our home where we feel good, happy and safe. With our Kite-and Windsurfing school we can follow our passion and make our dream come true. For us there is no better place in the  world and we love what we do, so it's not just work but more a way of living. We are really happy to welcome you to our Kite camp.


Flight tickets are not included!!!

But of course you can contact us and we will help you to find a cheap flight.